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Jarod Cogswell is the Founder of Enterprise Athlete fitness consulting and Owner of FIT Academy, Inc. He is a professional speaker, author of "WORK like an Athlete" and Platinum Level Business Coach for Todd Durkin Mastermind.

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Warning!!! ClassPass... The New Serial Killer of the Fitness Industry

May 2015 - You've been in the club quite a few times now; when are you going to join?" I asked with a half-joking friendly tone... She answered, "Oh, I'm not interested in membership; I'm with ClassPass. It's cheaper, and I can workout here or wherever I want." My heart instantly sank, fear flowed through my veins, but finally, after two months of using ClassPass for my gym, my brain turned on. The Wolf in Sheepskin Clothing was revealed... ClassPass is not my friend; they are yet another fierce competitor! Read Article...

Are You Playing the Game "In the Trenches?"
November 2015 - The alarm sounds off at 4:30AM. It's a Saturday and almost game time. The facility opens at 6AM, but before my feet hit the floor, I must complete my pre-game ritual to increase my chances to win the day. I have to be the source of positive energy for every member that I encounter and the ritual to give me "my edge" looks like this... Read Article...

It IS Personal and It's Business
August 2015 - "It's not personal, it's just business." While I still consider myself "old school" in a lot of ways, this particular statement gives me a knot in my stomach because I have news for all of those short-sighted thinkers... business IS personal, especially in the fitness industry. It is an industry filled with operators responsible for changing personal lives, and just like any other for-profit business, one that has a need to make money. Read Article...

New Year's Resolutions or ALL-IN?
January 2016 - For most of us fitness pros, exercise is a priority in our lives. In fact, a day without training is like a dragon slayer without battle. It can be a little depressing. Even our recovery days are much more mentally challenging to be at our very best, and that's why what we do for a living is so awesome... Changing and enhancing lives! Read Article...

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