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It IS Personal and It's Business

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Jarod CogswellJarod Cogswell

"It's not personal, it's just business." While I still consider myself "old school" in a lot of ways, this particular statement gives me a knot in my stomach because I have news for all of those short-sighted thinkers... business IS personal, especially in the fitness industry. It is an industry filled with operators responsible for changing personal lives, and just like any other for-profit business, one that has a need to make money.

Whether you're an Owner, Manager, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, etc., you are an entrepreneur or "fitpreneur," as I have heard used frequently as of late. ALL of us have the responsibility to drive sales, retain clients, create memorable positive experiences and build/maintain participation. All of these tasks drive our businesses forward, and we cannot do it without personalization. Period.

Every single one of us is a brand. As owners, we need to ensure that our individual team members' brands align with ours to a high degree, or we fail to maximize our missions. Furthermore, ownership must be the ultimate example of what they want their brand to be.

What is a brand? A brand in this case is simply how people perceive you (your members, clients and general public). And, that perception has a definite impact on your business success.

As an example, below are examples of what I want my personal and business brand to be known for:

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