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Warning!!! ClassPass... The New Serial Killer of the Fitness Industry

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Jarod CogswellJarod Cogswell

Publisher's Note: Jarod Cogswell is a club owner and a new Club Insider Contributing Author, and this is his first article produced for Club Insider. An industry veteran, after experience with it, Jarod has loudly sounded the alarm about ClassPass, and he describes it as, "The New Serial Killer of the Fitness Industry." We believe his message is a very important one for many of you in our industry, so we've placed his article on this "Insider Speaks" Page #6 feature. Jarod's argument was written after the real-life experience he had when he signed up his own club on ClassPass. Read this Warning and then take the steps you think are appropriate after giving Jarod's comments some thought. Thanks to Jarod for joining our Club Insider Contributing Author Team and for providing this perspective about ClassPass.

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You've been in the club quite a few times now; when are you going to join?" I asked with a half-joking friendly tone...

She answered, "Oh, I'm not interested in membership; I'm with ClassPass. It's cheaper, and I can workout here or wherever I want."

My heart instantly sank, fear flowed through my veins, but finally, after two months of using ClassPass for my gym, my brain turned on. The Wolf in Sheepskin Clothing was revealed... ClassPass is not my friend; they are yet another fierce competitor!

It took me over twenty years, but recently, I finally achieved my dream of operating my own fitness facility. I drained my savings, accumulated debt, increased my stress levels, and now, spend less and less time with my family in hopes that, ultimately, my venture will once again afford myself, family and team members a comfortable rewarding lifestyle. Just like when I was an 18-year old kid, I have the fortune to open and close the club, but this time, it's mine. I get the opportunity to greet members and guests at the service desk, coach classes on our amazing turf field, lead my own team and create the most important aspect of any fitness business, a motivating and inspiring culture. Heck, I even get to clean the toilets!

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