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Jon Butts is the Founder and President of Muscle Up Marketing. He has a decade of marketing experience in the fitness industry, specializing in lead generation through integrated print, online and mobile campaigns. Direct Marketing News named Jon as one of the Top 40 Marketers Under 40 in the United States. Muscle Up Marketing was also named as the #40 Fastest Growing Company in America in the 2015 INC 500, with 3-year revenue growth of 5,967%. In addition, Muscle Up Marketing was named as a Best Place To Work In Atlanta in 2015.

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Direct Mail Is Still King!
November 2015 - For the last decade, it seems that certain people have been claiming that print is dead. More times than not, the same people who are trying to make that inaccurate and false case are people who work at a digital marketing company and are trying to get you to allocate your entire budget towards their particular marketing offerings. I fully understand the world is becoming more digital as each year passes. As technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, many people are starting to wonder if direct mail still works. When done the right way, the answer is a resounding YES! Read Article...

Five Tips For New Year Marketing Success
November 2018 - It's that time of year again! Santa is getting his final month of training in at North Pole Health & Fitness, prepping for an epic workout that will take him around the world. After his journey is complete, and everyone has overindulged during the holidays, their focus will quickly turn to New Year's resolutions. It goes without saying that January presents a phenomenal opportunity for your business. The question is, what should your marketing strategy be in order to best capitalize on this yearly tradition? Here are five winning tips that will help you reach maximum results this New Year... Read Article...

Five Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing
June 2019 - Without a strong social media presence, your fitness club or studio may as well be in the boondocks. Today's (perhaps overly) social-savvy world is all about scrolling and swiping, meaning your marketing must be powerful and persuasive. Not only do you need to keep your members engaged, but you want to gain new ones to keep your business growing. Showing these folks that you are dedicated to their wellbeing beyond the walls of your club or studio provides a personal connection they can continue to count on. Presence is just the start. A good one at that, but you will need to boost your social media initiatives in order to stand out from the pack. That pack is plentiful, but these five tips will take your social media marketing to the next level, giving your fans and followers something to have fun with. Read Article...

Perception IS Reality
January 2016 - Let's use our imagination a little bit. Imagine you are presented with three different offers you can choose from to make a purchase: Offer A is for 50% OFF. Offer B is for 75% OFF. Offer C is for 95% OFF. Which one of these offers do you want? Read Article...

Simplify Your Marketing and Achieve Better Response in 2018
October 2017 - 2018 will be here before you know it, which means you need to start planning for it today. We have all heard the old adage by Benjamin Franklin, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." This is such a simple statement, yet it still rings so true. It has always amazed me the number of club owners we work with who seem to "wing it" from one month to the next when it comes to marketing, always rushing something together at the last second. It is crazy to think someone could invest such a significant amount of money (and incur a ton of risk) to start his own business and then take such a passive approach when it comes to the lifeblood of their business: marketing. Read Article...

Summer Doesn't Have To Be Slow
June 2016 - Summertime is here, which means several things: the weather is warm, children are out of school, family vacations are in full effect and club owners nationwide are worried about keeping their membership numbers up during this historically slow time of the year. Club owners ask me all the time what they should do during the summer in regards to marketing. My answer? Keep going! Marketing is not a "sometime" thing; it's an "all the time" thing. Any club owner that believes otherwise will see less than desirable results with their membership numbers. The most successful clubs I have worked with over the years stay consistent and market every month; this is not a coincidence. Read Article...

What's Your Reputation?
April 2018 - Without first checking Google, do you know what your club's online reputation and rating are? How do your Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews look? If you are aware of your rating for each, do you know approximately how many reviews you have for each site and what they say? If you don't know this information, your business is not achieving its maximum online potential. Read Article...

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