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Perception IS Reality

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Jon ButtsJon Butts

Let's use our imagination a little bit. Imagine you are presented with three different offers you can choose from to make a purchase:

  • Offer A is for 50% OFF.
  • Offer B is for 75% OFF.
  • Offer C is for 95% OFF.

Which one of these offers do you want? I'm guessing nobody chose the 50% off, and everyone wanted the 95% off. Am I right?

What if I told you the examples above are enrollment offers for different health clubs in your town? Here is a little more info on each offer:

  • 50% off.┬áThis deal is 50% off enrollment, which normally costs $50.
  • 75% off. This deal is 75% off enrollment, which normally costs $100.
  • 95% off. This deal is 95% off enrollment, which normally costs $100. In addition, there is a $20 processing fee.

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