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Direct Mail Is Still King!

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Jon ButtsJon Butts

For the last decade, it seems that certain people have been claiming that print is dead. More times than not, the same people who are trying to make that inaccurate and false case are people who work at a digital marketing company and are trying to get you to allocate your entire budget towards their particular marketing offerings.

I fully understand the world is becoming more digital as each year passes. As technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, many people are starting to wonder if direct mail still works. When done the right way, the answer is a resounding YES!

Too many people think of direct mail as a commodity and believe it is as simple as putting ink on paper and putting it in the mail. They get so caught up in the price per impression and don't focus on anything else; they often cut corners (without even knowing it) and eventually pay dearly when their results are not what they hoped for.

The three most important aspects with direct mail are the offer, the design and the targeting. Does the offer have enough value to your prospects to get them off the couch that day and take action? Is the design captivating enough that, when it comes in the mail, it doesn't get quickly glanced over and discarded? And, most importantly, are you hitting the right people? Even if you have the best offer in the world and an amazing design, if you are not hitting the right people (and removing your members), you are destined to be let down. When done the right way, direct mail is as strong as ever and here's why:

  • Highly Targeted - Solo direct mail is still the only way you can hit your target market 100%, both demographically and geographically. There is no such thing as a wasted impression when it comes to targeted solo direct mail. Any other avenue (whether it is TV, radio, online pay per click or anything else) results in countless wasted impressions to people who would never join your club or studio. This could be because they live too far away, do not have enough disposable income, are too young/old or a variety of other reasons. With solo direct mail, you can hit only the people that live in neighborhoods you are pulling members from, that also fall into a certain age and income range.

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