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Blair McHaney's Gold's Gyms
Making a National Brand Feel Local

By: Justin Cates

Justin CatesJustin CatesWe all know the major national and worldwide health and fitness club brands. Some are large and getting bigger, and others are coming of age. Economies of scale gives them the ability to make media buys on par with their size, keeping their brand top-of-mind in respective markets. This alone can drive traffic through their doors, both in large communities as well as small ones. Some, however, forget one important thing. Read More

How to Recognize Opportunity For Your Health Club
By: Jim Thomas

Jim ThomasJim ThomasI was in a meeting with a health club owner recently. It was an owner who was going through some difficult times. In analyzing his business, he determined that "it is what it is." Read More

Rules. Who Needs Them? We All Do!
Make Them Count For Your Club and Your Trainers

By: Angie Pattengale

Angie PattengaleAngie PattengaleI'm a fan of standards and guidelines. Let's face it, anyone who has children can appreciate the very basic need for rules and setting standards (and examples). There's something to be said for accountability and consequence. Read More

Successfully Launching New Club Programs
By: Greg Maurer

Greg MaurerGreg MaurerAs the fitness industry continues to evolve, there is a growing focus on providing effective programming to attract new members, boost retention and drive club revenue and profits. There are many vendors providing turnkey programs, and clubs themselves are designing custom programs for nutrition, small group training, group exercise classes, etc. Read More

Member Self-Service is the New Full-Service
By: Steve Ayers

Steve AyersSteve AyersAs I look back into my youth, the idea of full-service to consumers was most transparent in gas stations and banks. I fondly remember driving to the gas station and sitting in the car while the attendants came out and pumped our gas, cleaned our windows and checked the fluids in our car. Read More

Programming Tip of the Month
Open Your Fall Season With An Open House!

By: Sandy Coffman

Sandy CoffmanSandy CoffmanPart 2, Chapter 12, in my book, Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs: 101 Profitable Ideas, entitled Specialty Programs opens with helping you prepare your staff and club for an Open House. The purpose of an Open House is to expose your club to the community. The event must make people very interested and excited about attending, and then, the event has to meet and exceed their expectations. Read More

Government Launches New Dietary Guidelines Campaign:
WASHINGTON, D.C. - First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack have unveiled the federal government's new food icon, MyPlate, to serve as a reminder to help consumers make healthier food choices. MyPlate is a new generation icon with the intent to prompt consumers to think about building a healthy plate at meal times. Read More

Leve, AFIRM Part Ways With SGMA
SILVER SPRING, MD - Citing weaker than anticipated pre-registered attendance, AFIRM, the Association of Fitness Industry Retailers and Manufacturers, announced the cancellation of the AFIRM Showcase Tour event, June 6-7 at the Marriott Inn and Conference Center in suburban Washington, DC. Read More

Vision For a Healthier, More Prosperous America
A Unified Game Plan For The Entire Industry

What is the Vision for a Healthier, More Prosperous America? It's a unified game plan for the entire fitness industry to make America a culture of wellness from the ground up, by encouraging local clubs to work together to advocate for health promotion legislation, both at the state and federal levels, and to also work toward making their clubs valuable community resources for disease prevention and healthy living. Read More

Horsham Athletic Club Grand Opening
HORSHAM, PA - After several months of build up, the Horsham Athletic Club opened the doors of a beautiful fitness facility in the Philadelphia area. Doug Steinly, formerly of HealthQuest of Hunterdon, NJ, is the President and owner, along with the Newtown Athletic Club, of this premier 50,000 square-foot facility, designed by the award winning Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative under the direction of Hervey Lavoie. Read More

Rochester Athletic Club Honored
ROCHESTER, MN - The Rochester Athletic Club in Rochester, Minnesota, was recognized as the partner to Olmsted County, Minnesota when Olmsted County was given the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs award for Government Innovation on May 25th. Read More

The Rush Fitness Complex Has Its 23rd Grand Opening Celebration
GREENVILLE, SC - The Rush Fitness Complex, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based club company, hosted their 23rd location's Grand Opening the weekend of June 17th. This 35,000 square-foot FUN and FITNESS facility located in the Cherrydale Point Mall in Greenville, SC allows members to achieve their fitness goals by utilizing state-of-the-art exercise equipment and participating in the latest in "group exercise" programs. Read More

Mike Motta Becomes Plus One Chairman
NEW YORK, NY - Plus One Health Management, Inc. announced that its founder and former CEO, Mike Motta, will assume the position of Chairman. As Chairman, Motta will focus on the overall strategy of Plus One, while seeking out the most effective customized solutions to help clients maximize their program goals and objectives. Read More

ICAA Warns Consumers to Beware of "Graywashing"
VANCOUVER, BC - Boomers and their parents, viewed as virtually non-existent by many marketers, until recently, are fast becoming coveted customers. People age 50 and above have over $2 trillion in their wallets, and many have few qualms about spending that money to maintain an active lifestyle. Read More

Norm's Notes for June 2011
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader since 1993 checking in! Read More

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