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The Claremont Club...
An Amazing Story of Club Innovation and Differentiation - Part I

By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesThe health, racquet and sports club industry is full of club owners and operators seeking to differentiate their clubs from their competitors. Unfortunately, the actual achievement of that goal of true market differentiation is far more easily talked about than it is achieved. That is... unless you're Mike Alpert, President and CEO of The Claremont Club in Claremont, California. Read More

What Does "Fred The Baker" Have In Common With PT Sales?
By: Ron Alterio

Ron AlterioRon AlterioIf you have been in the industry as long as I have, you too should remember those classic Dunkin Donuts commercials where Fred the Baker dresses up like a woman, goes into the local supermarket, holding his finger over his mustache and inquires, "Were those donuts made fresh this morning?" Poor Fred. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hide the fact of who he really was... Fred the Baker! Read More

How To Give and Receive Feedback
By: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-ChavezSometimes we feel like we are on eggshells when we need to give or receive feedback. This article will discuss why that is and how to eliminate the eggshells, the differences and detriments of a "culture of nice" versus a "culture of feedback" and how to give and receive feedback so it is helpful and not perceived as a personal attack. The goal of this article is to breathe new life into your professional and personal conversations. Read More

Revaluating Referral Systems At Your Club
By: Casey Conrad

Casey ConradCasey ConradRegardless of what business you're in, obtaining new customers through referrals is by far the best source of new prospects. First, a referral is pre-sold on the company, the product, and perhaps, even the salesperson. Second, the cost of acquisition from a referral is typically less than any other form of marketing. Third, and perhaps one of the most important, is the energy generated because of others publicly endorsing your product helps to create a top-of-mind awareness that most companies can't afford to buy. Read More

Feel Like Adding Video Content Is Too Hard?
Think Value, Not Viral - Part II

By: Joe Imbrogno

Joe ImbrognoJoe ImbrognoIn Part I of this 2-part series, we hit on several important points: 1. The key to implementing a successful video content strategy is getting started! 2. Focus on creating value, and the rest will come! Too many people focus on "viral" vs. "value." 3. The point of Instructional videos (the 1st of the four types) is to instruct someone on how to do something, a BIG opportunity for health clubs. In Part II, I'll cover the other three video types: Informational, Entertaining and Sales. Read More

Planting The Seeds For Marketing Success
By: Tracey Bourdon

Tracey BourdonTracey BourdonMarketing this time of year shouldn't be a "Spring Fling!" The arrival of spring is a welcome change for many of us, whether it is simply better weather or the promise of fresh starts, new growth and opportunity. For most, spring cannot arrive too soon... Unless you don't have a marketing plan! Read More

Health Club Employee Non-Compete Agreements
By: Paul R. Bedard, Esquire

Paul R. Bedard, EsquirePaul R. Bedard, EsquireIt's no secret that most health clubs initially lose money. It typically takes months, and in some cases, years to painstakingly build a large enough membership base to turn a profit. As this membership base and the club's resulting goodwill are established, club owners and operators naturally pay close attention to member retention. Read More

Stay Ahead of Your Clients
By: Nancy Trent

Nancy TrentNancy TrentThe fastest growing category at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas, January 6-9th, was hands-down, wellness tracking. You'll note that many of your clients are wearing trackers that give them instant feedback on their steps, sleep, heart rate and nutrition. Read More

Programming For The "Fun Of It!"
Define Metrics For Small Group Training Management Success

By: Laurie Cingle

Laurie CingleLaurie CingleWhat does it take to become successful with Small Group Training (SGT) at your facility? The plan is based on seven keys: (1) Leverage Your Offerings, (2) Hire and Retain Champion SGT Trainers, (3) Define Metrics, (4) Identify a SGT Manager, (5) Create a Space, (6) Outline a Marketing Plan and (7) Develop a Budget. Let's focus on Key #3, Define Metrics. Read More

12 Good Reasons To Come To The Augie's Quest Bash
Dear Friends, this is our LAST CALL to come to the Augie's Quest BASH (However, you'll still be able to sign up almost to the last days before the event). I have listed below 12 reasons why you should come. Read More

Planet Fitness Franchisee Secures $58.75 Million In Expansion Financing From GE Capital
SCOTTSDALE, AZ - GE Capital's Franchise Finance business announced that it is administrative agent on a $58.75 million credit facility for PF Growth Partners, LLC (PFGP), one of the largest franchisees of Planet Fitness clubs. The funds will be used to refinance PFGP's existing debt and fund its growth plans. GE Capital Markets served as sole lead arranger and sole bookrunner on the facility. Read More

World Gym Bulks Up Millennial Membership With HIIT
LOS ANGELES, CA - World Gym, the iconic brand for bodybuilding and seriously fun fitness, has expanded its High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs in response to millennial demand. Read More

Karen Woodard-Chavez to Host 2nd Annual Results, Retention and Revenue Summit
BOULDER, CO - Karen Woodard-Chavez is hosting the annual Results, Retention and Revenue Summit in Boulder, Colorado, June 10 - 12. The purpose of the 2 1/2 day gathering is to bring Club Managers and Sales Directors together for the following 5 outcomes... Read More

Norm's Notes for March 2015
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in! Read More

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