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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

The fastest growing category at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas, January 6-9th, was hands-down, wellness tracking.

You'll note that many of your clients are wearing trackers that give them instant feedback on their steps, sleep, heart rate and nutrition.

Now, there are mattresses, by Rest Performance, and devices, like Beddit, that track your sleep; UpRight Pose that trains your posture; SunFriend that tracks your sun exposure so you can get your Vitamin D; Alcohoot and Breathometer that tracks your oxygenation and alcohol; Smart Mat that helps improve your yoga poses; the Tao Chair that works out your muscles; as well as the Innozen Chair that helps you relax them while you sit and trackers, like XY Findit and TrackR, that free up bandwidth so you never have to worry about losing your keys or phone.

All of this is great news for the fitness business. It's making fitness more mainstream, more accessible and Americans more knowledgeable.

How can the health and fitness club industry take advantage?

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