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Bruce Carter is the president of Optimal Design Systems International. He has 43 years of successful experience in the fitness industry. In addition to starting Optimal Design Systems, Bruce also was the founder of Optimal Fitness Systems International.

Phone: (954) 888 - 5960

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The Top 10 Keys For A Successful Club Design
October 2015 - Successful club design is the creative process of combining layout, facilities, mechanicals, materials, finishes, lighting and colors. There are key things you should and should not do to better insure success with design, whether it is a new design or renovation. What is described here can be looked at as a checklist to keep things on track for an optimal end result... Read Article...

What Is The Relationship Between Club Design And The Prices It Can Charge?
January 2015 - There's a purchase psychology saying that the "Eye Buys." In other words, what someone "sees" strongly determines what he buys. Relating to clubs, things like facilities, programs and price are all key. Yet, what a club looks like plays heavily in someone's decision to join or not. Read Article...

Why The Right Health Club Interior Sells More Memberships
October 2008 - Having given seminars in the fitness industry over the years, a question I commonly ask is, "Do most people love or hate exercise?" The answer is always the same. Most people hate exercise. It is also accepted that some people love exercise, but most don't. Read Article...

Why You Need to Redesign Your Workout Space
April 2012 - Recently, an individual who moved to a new area went shopping for a new club. At her previous club, this individual had been introduced to newer types of training, so she was looking for certain specific things in a club. Off she went from club to club visiting national chains and local clubs. Read Article...

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