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The Club Insider Archives: July 2011

Club Insider Advertisers Delivering The Goods!
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesIt's my pleasure to provide you with this special July cover story featuring the great companies that are Club Insider advertisers (in alphabetical order). It's important for me to point out that many of our advertisers have been with Club Insider over a decade, including two that have been with us for over 17 years: An Affiliated Acceptance Corporation ad has appeared in Club Insider every month of publication since we began to sell advertising in June of 1994. Additionally, National Gym Supply has been with Club Insider for over 17 years as well. Read More

"We Don't Want FAT PEOPLE In Our Club!"
By: Donna Krech

Donna KrechDonna KrechHow that question hits you will forever be a single determining factor in the level of income and impact you will make in your club. You do know the business of fitness, as usual, is over, don't you? What you may not know is the best way to ensure your best possible future. Making the right choice on how you feel about that question will result in it being easier for you to make more money and a bigger difference in your community. Read More

Sharing: Trend or Fad?
It May Change Our Industry

By: Will Phillips

Will PhillipsWill PhillipsWhen several trends overlap and reinforce, like waves, they create an even stronger trend or wave. The first trend is the long-lasting impact of the recent recession, which has had enough impact on consumer's buying habits to merit articles about the "new consumer" in a number of major business magazines and journals. Read More

Whadaya Know?
By: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-ChavezWhen you read the title to this article, you might be thinking one of two things: (1) Geez, Karen does not know how to spell or (2) A smile may come across your face as it reminds you of the show on NPR that quizzes people about current events. What does this have to do with how we operate our businesses? Read More

National Gym Supply Expands for Now and the Future
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesIf you've owned and operated your fitness center, gym or sports club for a while, you and I both know that fitness equipment breakdowns cause more headaches for you than, perhaps, any other challenge. There's nothing worse than not being able to get a machine repaired quickly and put back in action in a reasonable amount of time. Read More

Multiple Ways to Generate Leads This Summer
By: Casey Conrad

Casey ConradCasey ConradTraditionally, summer is dreaded by both salespeople and club operators alike. Membership and prospect traffic slows as people enjoy the nice weather and fall out of their normal routine. Of course, this means fewer sales, less revenue and smaller commission checks, which doesn't make anyone happy. My perspective on summer is a bit different. Read More

Why Would a Health Club Owner Need a Buy-Sell Agreement?
By: Steve Ayers

Steve AyersSteve AyersAs a former club owner and CFO, I feel one of the most overlooked business documents of a health club owner today is a Buy-Sell Agreement between the principles of the closely-held company. This document decides the fate of the business and ownership of said business upon a triggering event. Examples of triggering events include, but are not limited to, retirement, divorce, death or bankruptcy of one or more of the company owners or members. Read More

How to Make Better Decisions on Behalf of Your Health Club
By: Jim Thomas

Jim ThomasJim ThomasI received a call from a health club owner recently. This call was a bit different. I spoke to this same health club owner about 18 months ago. It seems he has gone backwards since we last spoke. The primary reason we never engaged before was he simply couldn't make the decision. But now, he was ready (or so he said). Read More

Programming Tip of the Month
Hiring and Training a Programming Champion

By: Sandy Coffman

Sandy CoffmanSandy CoffmanI recently read an article on programming that said it was critical to have a passionate program champion for any new program to be successful. I agree, but a truly professional programming champion will require much more than passion. As our industry approaches the dynamic Fall season, when the programming calendar begins, it is imperative to evaluate your staff and get the right leaders in place to make your programs profitable for your business. Read More

Obesity Rates Still Rising in Many States
WASHINGTON, DC - In 1995, no state had an obesity rate above 20 percent. Now, all but one do. An annual obesity report by two public health groups looked for the first time at state-by-state statistics over the last two decades. The state that has the lowest obesity rate now, Colorado, with 19.8 percent of adults considered obese, would have had the highest rate in 1995. Read More

Retention Management Hires Bob Shoulders to Lead New Social Media Division
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Retention Management, an industry leader in automated email communication, has hired Bob Shoulders to lead its new Social Media Division. Bob, a veteran of the fitness industry, served on the IHRSA Board of Directors from 2005 - 2010 and was the General Manager/Owner of the Fayetteville Athletic Club for 15 years. He and his wife, Katherine, will be working with a new team that has strong ties to the fitness industry and the social media industry. Read More

REX Roundtables Announces New Trusted Vendor Relationship With Visual Fitness Planner
BOSTON, MA and FORT WORTH, TX - REX Roundtables, Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) and InTouch Follow-Up (InTouch) have entered into a Trusted Vendor Relationship whereby VFP and InTouch have agreed to develop technology Best Practices Solutions that all REX Roundtable members will have the ability to access. Read More

Norm's Notes for July 2011
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in! Read More

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