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Dr. Steven WeinigerDr. Steven Weiniger

International posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, speaks globally on improving posture for health, pain relief and aging well. He trains thousands of doctors and therapists in posture improvement protocols and authored Stand Taller Live Longer, An Anti-Aging Strategy.

Phone: (770) 922 - 0700

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Pokémon Posture
August 2016 - People are chasing Pokémon everywhere, with the beneficial side effect of becoming more active. On the other hand, players of Pokémon Go are stumbling into real-world people and objects and have been involved in injuries ranging from traffic accidents to falling off a cliff! However, the larger health risk for most people is Pokémon Posture. Walking while obsessing over capturing virtual monsters adds to the real world problems familiar to frequent texters, computer users and others suffering from tech-neck. When the people walking towards you see the top of your head instead of your eyes, you have Pokémon Posture. Read Article...

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