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Sara Kooperman, JDSara Kooperman, JD

Sara Kooperman, JD, CEO of SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION, is a visionary leader that has transformed the fitness education community. A successful business owner and advisor, she is a keynote speaker, published author, podcast presenter and sought-after industry trailblazer. Sara has a unique ability to share her passion and devotion towards fitness education through her humor, enthusiasm, and her effervescent no-nonsense personality. She serves on the Gold's Gym Think Tank, was on the Women in Fitness Association Board of Directors and is a proud inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Sara currently serves on IHRSA's Headlight Committees for Facility Standards and has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry.

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An Open Window Into 2022
March 2022 - With 2021 in the history books and 2022 well under way, it is not too late to reflect and embrace the full potential of this year. While the past two years have presented some of the most difficult challenges the fitness industry has ever faced: the shutdown, gym closures, fierce cleanliness demands and the rise of hybrid fitness platforms, it's also created unique opportunities for growth and innovation. Ongoing COVID waves forced us to take a deep look at not only how we exercise but why, creating an overall shift in the approach of health and wellness. While home gyms and digital workout platforms are here to stay, consumer behaviors will continue to shape the industry's landscape. Let's look forward and break down some of the top fitness trends gracing our fitness world... Read Article...

Finding Group Fitness Pros to Facilitate Growth
July 2022 - Health clubs are facing great challenges in staffing, especially in the group fitness arena. Group Fitness Instructors left their respective positions in droves during the pandemic. This is primarily because our group areas were forced to close, and virtual training is not something that comes naturally to all instructors. Also, this happened in large part because Group Fitness Instructors get paid the least amount of money for their time and efforts, and unfortunately, they are not respected by our industry as a whole. They usually appear as the last on the importance totem pole of our clubs. Our owners, CEOs, CFOs, Directors and Managers still look at group fitness as a non-revenue generating line in our chart of accounts. Yet, we all know that community connectors are in greater demand than ever. Read Article...

Fitness as Wellness
April 2023 - Growing up as a child in the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s, U.S. public schools required children to take yearly Presidential Physical Fitness Assessment Tests. It was essential to make sure youth achieved necessary fitness levels to pass as "healthy." Yet, today, fitness is deemed "non-essential" by government regulators and other health care experts. Interestingly, a study recently published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (December 2022) advocates that those who suffered the least and experienced less severe outcomes due to illness and complicated infections, including death, from COVID-19, were individuals who were physically active before the pandemic. Exercise is conclusively seen as an extra layer of protection against disease and unforeseen illness. As a result, it appears that many people are finally now prioritizing fitness. Read Article...

Plan Your Pre-Nup!

November 2022 - Fitness chain Fit Body Boot Camp Inc., a provider of indoor boot camp classes, is suing one of its former franchise owners, Miranda Lynn Downey. Downey was accused of "blatantly and egregiously" violating her franchise agreements by stealing customers, operating a competing business (calling it "Fit Nation") and failing to pay franchise fees. The lawsuit is Fit Body Boot Camp Inc. v. Downey, Case Number 2:22-cv-02402, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas. And, it raises serious questions about how to approach a franchise agreement, especially during financially trying times we find ourselves. Read Article...

Not a Boom, but a Slow Burn
The Return of Our Gyms

January 2023 - As 2023 begins, and our world continues to recover from the pandemic of the past 2+ years, reflections on several aspects of the fitness industry are only natural. Particularly, thoughts on how fitness facilities, its employees and members are beginning to come out the other side. Are members back to their regular workout routines, have employees returned to work, have systems been altered and what direction is the future of fitness taking? Read Article...

Rising Up - Rising Out - Rise Together
October 2022 - It seems like every organization, every company and every inspired CEO is providing us a guide towards emerging from the pandemic. I have read multiple articles, all with numerous different approaches but none that target what I believe to be the most important elements: balance and patience. The pandemic has been a completely new experience for our society. It has emerged not as a copy of the 1920s, nor as a duplication of our 2007 - 08 recession, but as a world situation like no other. Surviving any unique event requires patience. Patience means constant review and evaluation. It reminds me of balance. Balance is not static. Balance is constant movement. Little shifts of weight, small hedges in one direction or another, constant slight corrections. Read Article...

The Fitness Industry is Looking Up!
March 2023 - As the first quarter winds down, 2023 has only just begun! And, it is looking up! While many facilities are still feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and are navigating challenges like staffing, membership sales and operational costs, things are trending in a positive direction. As management and leadership set their focus forward, they are looking for what to watch when it comes to programming, trends and procedures. Read Article...

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