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Augie's Quest For A Cure

August 2015 - I have known Augie Nieto for over 25 years as the Founder and Owner of Life Fitness, one of the world's largest manufacturers of Cardio and Strength equipment. When we first met, Augie was driving around in a Slugo Motor Home trying to sell his LifeCycles to Nautilus clubs. In nine months, he sold a total of eleven LifeCycles. Through years of tireless work and brilliant marketing, Life Fitness became a must-have in every good health club. Augie was on a roll, and in 1999, he sold his company to Brunswick for $325 million dollars. Read Article...

"Little Things We Take For Granted."
May 2018 - Last Saturday evening, I was privileged to attend the 8th Annual Be Perfect Foundation fundraiser in La Verne, California. The event is held to raise awareness and funds to assist people with Spinal Cord injuries and other forms of paralysis. Over 1,000 people came together for an evening of entertainment, food and dancing, and over $500,000 was raised. During the evening, several people were able to share their story and journey from active everyday lifestyle to paralysis to recovery. Read Article...

Exercise is Medicine
A Letter From Mike Alpert

September 2017 - Can you think back to a time when something dramatic changed for you? Something that defined what you really wanted to become or what you wanted to truly do that was meaningful with your life. Something so powerful that it really consumed a lot of what you focused on. For me, that happened in 1992, one year after we opened The Athletic Club of Bend in Bend, Oregon. I was watching a 5-year-old boy, Gabe West, having a great time in our indoor pool, splashing and floating with my help, so happy that he was hugging and kissing me. I saw just a little boy having fun, but others saw the impact that exercise had on him. Gabe had Spina Bifida and was confined to a wheelchair. Read Article...

Exercise IS Medicine During the Holiday Season
December 2017 - The Christmas Holiday Season is my very favorite time of the year. It is a time that I find myself reflecting on all the things that I have to be thankful for. One thing is for being able to be in the greatest country in the world, the United States of America and the freedom that we are so lucky to have. I also realize how lucky I am to work in the health and wellness industry and what it has meant to me over the past 27 years. What other industry allows you to have such an impact on people and their quality of life on a daily basis? Read Article...

Exercise is Medicine!
November 2017 - President John F. Kennedy famously said, "Those who look only at the past or present are certain to miss the future." The future is indeed here! The compelling importance continues to grow as to the role of active and healthy lifestyles in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic conditions that are often the result of sedentary behaviors. The science of exercise has long demonstrated the benefits of physical activity for health, cognitive function, productivity in the workplace and much more. The medical benefits of adequate activity can allow people to shape their own health destiny, and for those with chronic conditions, it can help manage, reduce or even resolve those challenges. Exercise is clearly a preventive medicine, holding the key to health, quality of life and work productivity. The current transition of medicine in recognizing the importance of exercise and lifestyle for chronic conditions and injuries is as important as other phases of major change in healthcare. Read Article...

Exercise IS Medicine!
January 2018 - If you have been reading this column, you know that we are very passionate about making all IHRSA Clubs inclusive and available to everyone. This means being welcoming and accessible to people who have physical and mental challenges. You should be in compliance with the 2010 ADA (American Disability Act) requirements that make it easy for those members to navigate through your club and to use your products and services. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it will also speak volumes of your culture and character. And, guess what? It will also prove to be a very good business model. Read Article...

Exercise IS Medicine!
February 2018 - Over the years, it seems that the number of people who are affected by chronic illness has grown exponentially from when I was a kid. Back then, we never heard of Alzheimer's or Dementia. Obesity rates were so much lower, and so were the offshoots from it. Although people did die from cancer and heart disease, it certainly did not seem like it affected so many people in any community as it does today. And, back then, we ate meat and potatoes; drank whole grade D milk, had eggs several times a week and drank Coca-Cola. And, let's not forget the candy bars that every kid devoured: Baby Ruth, Snickers, Almond Joy, Butterfingers and the list goes on and on. What changed? Read Article...

Exercise IS Medicine!
April 2018 - We all know that exercise has a powerful effect on health. Also, we all agree that we are in this industry to help people lead an independent, healthy lifestyle. And, we say that we care about our staff, the people who run our clubs and are 100% responsible for the success that we have as a business. We say that we want them to be healthy and be active. We encourage them to workout. But, do we really mean it? Read Article...

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