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Augie's Quest For A Cure

August 2015 - I have known Augie Nieto for over 25 years as the Founder and Owner of Life Fitness, one of the world's largest manufacturers of Cardio and Strength equipment. When we first met, Augie was driving around in a Slugo Motor Home trying to sell his LifeCycles to Nautilus clubs. In nine months, he sold a total of eleven LifeCycles. Through years of tireless work and brilliant marketing, Life Fitness became a must-have in every good health club. Augie was on a roll, and in 1999, he sold his company to Brunswick for $325 million dollars. Read Article...

Exercise is Medicine
A Letter From Mike Alpert

September 2017 - Can you think back to a time when something dramatic changed for you? Something that defined what you really wanted to become or what you wanted to truly do that was meaningful with your life. Something so powerful that it really consumed a lot of what you focused on. For me, that happened in 1992, one year after we opened The Athletic Club of Bend in Bend, Oregon. I was watching a 5-year-old boy, Gabe West, having a great time in our indoor pool, splashing and floating with my help, so happy that he was hugging and kissing me. I saw just a little boy having fun, but others saw the impact that exercise had on him. Gabe had Spina Bifida and was confined to a wheelchair. Read Article...

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