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Driving Profitability Via Your Fitness Department
Part I

May 2013 - In the early years of our industry, and up until fairly recently, the majority of club owner/operators generated most all of their revenue through aggressive membership sales. The emphasis was on high volume, new member acquisition, and there were little to no programming or services provided. As our industry has evolved, successful club operators typically have a broad menu of products and services available in their portfolio. Read Article...

Driving Profitability Via Your Fitness Department
Part II

June 2013 - In Part I of this article, I mentioned three industry trends: the tough economic climate, the competitive landscape in most markets and flat consumer growth. Many in our industry feel that these will continue throughout this year; however, there are others who believe the worst is behind us and the climate is changing. Regardless of what the external variables are, your success is predicated upon how solid your business plan is and how well your team executes each day. Read Article...

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