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Jason Reinhardt is the Founder and Owner of Go M.A.D. Fitness LLC in Monroe Michigan (Go M.A.D. stands for Go Make A Difference). Reinhardt is formerly the Vice President of Sales for Sport&Health in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Regional Vice President of Sales for Merritt Athletic Clubs and District Sales Manager for Lifestyle Family Fitness Centers. Reinhardt spoke at IHRSA in 2012 and 2013 and will be speaking at IHRSA San Diego.

Phone: (734) 241 - 6130

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Experience-Based Selling, Not Price-Based
April 2014 - In our industry, we have one chance to capture a member. Yes, of course people will circle around, price shop and eventually pick a place. I want to focus on the majority and not the minority. I believe most people who have connected with a person at your facility will buy a membership on their first visit. On the flip side, I believe that a person will not buy on his first visit if taken from the front desk, quickly shown around and then shown a pricing special. Read Article...

How We Make A Difference In People's Lives
January 2014 - This is the time of the year to reconnect with your staff, guests and members and remind them how we impact and make a difference in their lives. Enthusiasm fuels success, and when you have your staff, guests and members excited about your club, it's a great combination! I've always said that the last four letters in enthusiasm stand for I am sold myself. Read Article...

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