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Frank Guengerich is the President of Hospitality and Lifestyle at the Williams Group. The Williams Group is a Texas-based multi-company organization specializing in real estate development. The Williams Group owns several brands, one of which is VERDURE, a luxury multi-sport athletic, wellness and lifestyle brand unlike anything in the nation.

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Leaders Aspire to Inspire
April 2021 - Recently, I was approached by a member, and he was very complimentary about the operation, service and brand delivery at our multi-sports luxury athletic club called VERDURE. I'm always thrilled to hear positive feedback regarding service delivery, especially because our ownership group and management team are very focused on delivering an amazing experience for our members. The member asked me: If I had one piece of advice to provide a new owner or manager in the club business, what would it be? The answer has always been simple for me: To be a Servant Leader. To me, these are the keys to being a Servant Leader... Read Article...

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