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Eric Durak is President of Medical Health and Fitness and is a long-time industry educator and consultant. He is the 1999 IHRSA Institute Award Winner (with SBAC) for the Cancer Well-fit Program and has spoken at industry conferences for over 30 years.

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"Non-Essential" Never Again
September 2020 - Many in the health club industry are reeling as to the temporary and some permanent closings of health clubs and studios across the United States. They are blaming a virus or city/state officials who have imposed a quarantine on their livelihoods and forced some out of business. The mantra of this dystopian situation is because health clubs were classified as "non-essential" service providers by those in public health, city government and state bureaucrats early on during the national shutdown. According to those in the business, it's because government doesn't understand the power of exercise in promoting health and reducing the burden of disease. This, of course, is true, but how has it been conveyed by the profession to medicine, public health and government? Read Article...

"Non-Essential" Never Again
Part II

November 2020 - In the first part of this article series on the essential nature of the fitness industry, I discussed some of the issues that have affected the industry and those that need to be addressed regarding the concept of the importance of health clubs in the landscape of our current culture and where we could find ourselves in the very near future within healthcare. Read Article...

"Non-Essential" Never Again
Part III

January 2021 - Recent events around coronavirus will have a lingering effect on the health club industry; however, there are questions that people are asking now that need to be addressed, as the COVID-19 pandemic is, at its core, as much political as it is epidemiological. Read Article...

Cancer Wellness Programming In The Health Club
July 1996 - Read Article...

Certifications and the Future of the Fitness Industry
September 1998 - Read Article...

The Power of Accreditation to Transform the Health Club Industry Into a Branch of the Health Care Industry
July 1998 - Read Article...

The Use or Non-Use of Masks Within the Health Club Industry
Suggestions for Best Practices in the Acute and Long-term Situation

July 2020 - A recent white paper by Minnesota exercise physiologist, Dan Zeman, piqued my interest regarding wearing masks in the health club setting. With many clubs opening, his report was interesting in that the thrust of his report stated that, when clubs open, they should be willing to let the coronavirus in as well. In discussing the coronavirus, the topic of wearing or not wearing masks became one of the seminal topics for public health vs. personal liberty. For our discussion here, I want to look at the use (or non-use) of masks within the health club setting in several areas. Read Article...

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