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Cathy Spencer BrowningCathy Spencer Browning

Cathy Spencer Browning is the VP of Training & Programming for MOSSA.

Phone: (770) 989 - 4700

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A Fork In the Road
Getting the Fit Fitter or Getting the 80% Moving?

February 2021 - Look straight ahead, squint your eyes. Can you see it? Right there. It is coming up right there in front of us. Can you see it now? It is a fork in the road. Stop. We have to make a decision. We have two choices. Veer left, and that is the road where we get the "Fit Fitter." The traffic is really light, not many cars on that road. The road is paved with an abundance of shame-based motivation promising ripped abs, better glutes, arms to die for and quick weight loss. And, the way to achieve this? No pain, no gain! The road to the right has many people who have been living two pandemics simultaneously, COVID-19 and the pandemic of physical inactivity. Read Article...

The Importance of Movement Health
December 2020 - Just as movement is medicine, a lack of movement can cause disease in our bodies. During this time of fewer visits to the gym, fewer activities and much more time at home, many are moving less and less. After all, the walk from the kitchen to the couch to the bathroom to the home office... that isn't very far to travel. The incremental movement that occurs between the things we normally do in life is absent. Maybe not noticeably at first. But, that achy back, those sore knees, the brain fog, or even that physically "flat" feeling we sometimes complain about can actually be because our bodies are designed to move, and the lack of movement results in a reduction in what we call "movement health." Read Article...

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