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Bonnie and Steve Pfiester are the owners/operators of Longevity Spa and Fitness and Longevity Max in Vero Beach, Florida and were the June 2009 Club Insider Cover Story subjects.

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September 2011 - As a club owner, I'm always looking for unique ways to get our name out there. Frankly, I get tired of trying to come up with specials and advertisements to pull people in. After eleven years in the business, coming up with the next great special can get old quick if that is all you're relying on. Read Article...

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10 Ways To Build Trust Of Your Club In Your Community

August 2009 - 1. Be trustworthy. The foundation to building trust in your community completely depends on the company head. Whether it be an owner, club manager or a management team, your club cannot afford to have someone leading your staff, and representing your company, who is not trustworthy. Read Article...

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The PR Moment
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