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Bonnie Patrick MattalianBonnie Patrick Mattalian

A recognized industry veteran with 25 years of experience in clubs and spas across the US and around the world, Bonnie Patrick Mattalian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any project.

A recipient of the Club Industry/Life Fitness Distinguished Businesswoman's Award, her resume includes hands-on operational start-up and turnarounds of more than 50 facilities, with an emphasis on strategic and fiscal responsibility, systems implementation, performance improvement, member experience and staff development. She has had hands-on operational and training experience with national club chains and independent clubs around the world.

She acted in a national capacity for The Fitness Company, overseeing training and education for General Managers and frontline staff in their facilities in 13 different states. She was also responsible for the development of the Spa Division for the company and assumed project manager status for the startup and development of the Medical Wellness Division.

Mattalian has received acclaim for two NOVA 7 finalist awards for club design and integrated clinical exercise programming as Project Manager for FitCare LifeCenter by Doylestown Hospital. She also helped to develop the successful Silk Day Spa in New York City, the third largest day spa in Manhattan.

As President and Owner of the Club and Spa Synergy Group, comprised of selected industry consultants, Mattalian announced the expansion of the company into the European market in 2006. Fred Hoffman, IDEA Fitness instructor of the Year in 2007, heads the International Division for the company out of Paris.

Mattalian has launched a Mystery Shopper and Mystery Member Service nationally to help club operators get a good understanding of the member experience from a true educated and objective member experience.

Mattalian is a contributing author for many major industry publications, including Club Industry, Peak Performance and Club Insider, and she has presented at IHRSA, Club Industry, NEHRSA, FitLife and The Medical Fitness Association. Her work has been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Club Success and Shape Magazine.

Community volunteerism is an important part of Mattalian's philosophy, as is evidenced by her work with abandoned and abused children, forming community block watches and leading the effort to successfully raise $300,000 for a local girl who needed a heart transplant. A former professional actress, Mattalian brings great enthusiasm to her seminars and her onsite work with clubs. Although she no longer performs, Mattalian is active with the Broadway community, assisting dancers transitioning careers as a mentor and role model.

Phone: (732) 236 - 2273

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