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Antionette Mara has been in the fitness industry since 1997. She has been employed at the Claremont Club since 2004. She now serves as the Group Exercise Director. Here certifications include: ACE Group Exercise, NSCA CPT and STOTT Pilates Level 1 Certified.

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Why Not Start Today!?
July 2017 - I have heard many times from people, even my doctor, that they are too old to exercise, they just don't like to exercise or they don't have time. There are many things in life that we don't like to do or have maybe put off until a later date even though we know its something we need to do right away. What keeps us from doing the things that we know will make us better? And, what is the secret sauce to get us doing those things? How many of us know now what we need to do and still choose not to do those things? Putting off until tomorrow, next Monday, next week, next month or even next year the things that will make us feel better today... Read Article...

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