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Visual Fitness Planner

The Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) technology sets the health club industry standard for sales and marketing by providing a turnkey system for marketing, capturing and integrating new members into a healthy lifestyle change. We automate your existing sales, marketing and orientation systems with the power of our visually impacting technology. VFP calculates a person's health risks for diseases, predicts their "health age," creates a 3D image of their body and calculates exactly how long it will take to achieve their goals... and in this process increases new membership sales, personal training sales and member retention.


  • Increases new Membership Sales
  • Drives value in membership through differentiation
  • Increases member's emotional readiness to purchase personal training and other paid-for services
  • Increases show ratio for new members to the Orientation System
  • Educates members on value of exercise adherence and personal training
  • And much more...

Phone: (877) 837 - 1212

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Visual Fitness Planner

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