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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

A recent article in AdWeek revealed that 81% of Gen Z are influenced by what their friends do. The new research comes from a student data company, Amplify, in partnership with Canadian newspaper, The Globe & Mail. The first of Gen Z, born in 1997, graduated college the summer of 2019 and entered the workforce for the first time.

The same poll found that only 10% of Gen Z's purchasing decisions are made by what celebrities are doing. When asked what they do before they make a purchase, 80% of the Gen Z polled said they research the internet.

The next generation of people who work out are searching curated media, reviews, YouTube channels, Snapchat and Instagram feeds for fitness trends and products, and then, they are checking with their friends for validation on their decision. Once a celebrity is talking about it, it's saturated the market; it's no longer new and different. Everyone has access.

This describes a culture shift. Celebrities used to have influence because they represented what was inspirational; now, what they are paid to promote is too attainable. Take that to the next level and paid "micro-influencers" and "nano-influencers," said to be the gatekeepers of social media, are going to have even less impact on Gen Z buying and fitness habits. This is because everyone is getting paid to post. Even Amazon reviews can be bought. Consumers have to be smart and search for unpaid third-party endorsements and testimonials like media they respect and people they trust.

This means the only thing that is going to have impact is authenticity. Fitness brands need to identify and nurture relationships with their impactors, consumers who genuinely use and appreciate their products and facilities. Then, they can motivate them to tell their circle of friends online and offline, no matter how large or tight their following. To convert your buyers into your impactors, you need to give them the same three things you want from them. Here are some tips of how to do so:

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