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Five Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing

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Jon ButtsJon Butts

Without a strong social media presence, your fitness club or studio may as well be in the boondocks. Today's (perhaps overly) social-savvy world is all about scrolling and swiping, meaning your marketing must be powerful and persuasive. Not only do you need to keep your members engaged, but you want to gain new ones to keep your business growing. Showing these folks that you are dedicated to their wellbeing beyond the walls of your club or studio provides a personal connection they can continue to count on.

Presence is just the start. A good one at that, but you will need to boost your social media initiatives in order to stand out from the pack. That pack is plentiful, but these five tips will take your social media marketing to the next level, giving your fans and followers something to have fun with. Remember, social media is as important as any other form of communication you have with your members. Make your marketing truly count by counting on these five must-dos.

  • Be Consistent - Just like you tell your members, consistency is at the core of success. Results just won't come to those who show up sporadically, and social media progress follows suit. With so much going on minute by minute on social media, if you are not part of the everyday action, you're as good as invisible. Keep a regular schedule of social media posts (on all platforms) to maintain a dedicated readership that can rely on your presence. Do not go overboard with a barrage of boring information; just be sure to remain on the radar to keep your readers involved and interested.
  • It Is Not All About Sales - Yes, you are a business and need to bring home the bacon, so to speak, but if all of your social media posts are about membership and money, you are going to see a definite drop off in engagement. Benevolent posts just to keep your readers smiling is a surefire way to maintain a steady flow of satisfied followers. Show your peeps that you are personable and worth keeping an eye on. Share photos of your members and staff having fun, inspirational quotes and stories that are sincere, smart, funny, sharable, etc. Naturally, when you are offering special deals or noteworthy sales, be sure to share 'em. But, if you only post "join, join, join," you'll only jinx yourself.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet - Today's social media audience does not have time to waste, nor do they want to nod off to some nonsense. They visit the various social media sites for quick bites or snippets of information, so the less content you post each time, the better. But, be certain to make these mini-messages count. Be to-the-point, persuasive, passionate and positive. "Less is more" could not be more meaningful in the case of social media marketing. Go for "clever and catchy," and you will nail it each and every time. Remember, all you are guaranteed is a glazed-over glance at best, so make sure your posts can be perused and absorbed in a few seconds flat. If you are longwinded, your readers will be long gone. It's just the nature of the beast.

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