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Results and Experience-Based Marketing

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Michael GelfgotMichael Gelfgot

In less than a month, 2018 will begin. One of the main questions that most of us ask ourselves this time of year is: How can we retain more members and clients to make it easier for us to turn a 10% return Year Over Year (YOY)? Most of us know that close to 40%, maybe even 50%, of our sales will come through in the first trimester of 2018. In a hyper-competitive market, winning is the end result.

What is your definition of winning? Is it signing up more members? Is it doing 10%, 20% YOY return? Is it retaining 5% more members than you did the year before? Here is our definition of winning:

Making sure that our members and our clients see results and that every experience they have in our facility is memorable. Our mission, our purpose is to raise the self esteem of the world. We do it one person at time.

First Trimester Preparation

Here is how all of this plays out in the first trimester:

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