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It's Never Too Early to Start a Publicity Campaign

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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

It may still be 2017, but your marketing for 2018 should already be knee-deep. That's because of media lead times!

"Lead time" refers to the period of time that reporters and producers need to prepare stories and information for publication or broadcast, which can vary from hours to months. Attention to lead times is critical for successful media publicity, which is free editorial coverage in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, podcasts, sites and blogs.

Strategic publicity is a marketing and sales tool that helps you grow your company, especially if you don't have the budget to do anything else. It is by far the most cost effective and efficient way to convince more people they need you.

Companies never feel that they are totally ready to take the publicity plunge. As in life, who is ready for the most important developments and events? The reality is: the right time to start publicity is never soon enough.

If you are interviewed for an article in Men's Fitness or Woman's Health in the winter, that interview might not come out in print until the summer. Even newspapers which print breaking news on the same day will stash a series of lifestyle stories in advance and run them at a later date. Websites and blogs that push out a large chunk of content daily will have already determined, researched, prepped and stored that content to run in a timely line up. TV segments and radio podcasts are also slated well in advance and will often relate directly to what's in the print and in the online buzz.

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