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PR Strategies to Sell Summer Bodies This Winter

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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

Chilly weather is the perfect time to heat up revenue. Most of the nation experiences a cold snap just around the holidays. It's the right season to hook new customers and keep existing customers focused on preventing winter bulge.

Everyone gets busy around the holidays, so you have to spin your workouts to meet them where they live and work. Here are a few creative ideas to keep fitness on top of customers' minds:

Eat more, burn more...

Find local restaurants, healthy food delivery services, nutritionists and eating coaches to partner with on offering seasonal incentives for regular customers. Many local newspapers and magazines have segments that run "Deals and Steals" sections to help spread the word about co-promotions. Research the media outlets in your area and contact the editors to see if they will run your promotion for their readers.

Winter workouts for spring break fun...

Students have more free time. Get in touch with local schools to offer short-term memberships to anyone with a student ID during holiday and winter breaks to stay or get in shape over the holidays. Again, work with relevant partners and retailers that sell work-out clothes, restaurants, retail stores, companies that focus on healthy foods, etc.  Use school, church or synagogue bulletins, newspapers and social media platforms to reach more students. Incentivize them with cash rewards and freebies to announce their memberships on social media. These students will act as a very vocal and influential army of ambassadors for you.

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