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Medical Fitness Facility Certification

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Dr. Cary WingDr. Cary Wing

Several years ago, the health and fitness industry began to acknowledge and embrace the concept of medical fitness facility certification. The importance and significance of providing programs and services that are held to a higher set of standards and guidelines is fundamental in eliciting trust and confidence within the healthcare system, as well as members of the community. Integrating a medical fitness model into your club and achieving facility certification may just be the catalyst needed to separate your programs and services from the competition down the street, as well as encourage referrals from physicians and other healthcare providers. Of particular note, no longer is medical integration a sidebar. It is now a trend. In November, the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2011 identified clinical integration/medical fitness as 18th in the top 20 list. Since the inception of the trends report five years ago, this is the first time that medical fitness made the top 20 list. The future is now.

Medical Fitness Association (MFA) Facility Certification

There has been a mechanism in place since July of 2008 for all health and fitness centers to benchmark their programs and services against standards and guidelines designed specifically for medically-integrated fitness facilities. The development of the MFA Medical Fitness Facility Certification has assisted in ensuring that facilities provide the quality and safety necessary to meet the vital role of medical fitness facilities within the industry.

As defined by MFA, a number of factors distinguish a certified medical fitness facility from other fitness centers. The following are some general aspects of the certification (contact MFA for details):

  • A facility demonstrates a relationship with a local healthcare system and participates in the local continuum of care.

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