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Justin CatesJustin Cates

Recently, the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA) was here in Atlanta for a 2-day event, and I had the opportunity to attend. The event was anchored with an excellent, 2-day seminar by Thomas Plummer, and various short breaks and meal breaks during his presentation offered attendees time to mingle with each other as well as companies that showcase their products with the traveling NFBA group. These companies included: American Council on Exercise, ASF International, Association Insurance Group, Body Training Systems, City Blends, dotFIT, Fabiano Designs, Kettlebell Punch Gym, Nunes Apparel, Parisi Speed School, Perform Better, Star Trac, Susan K. Bailey Advertising and Thomas Plummer Company.

After having the oppor-tunity to see Plummer speak at IHRSA 2009, in which he previewed the presentation he would be giving at all of NFBA's 2009 dates, I wrote an article in our April 2009 Edition entitled, Are We Remarkable? In that article, I summarized Plummer's in-depth presentation into a few main points that could be taken and used right away. Additionally, I made the case that some of the things Plummer discussed could make clubs that implement them truly remarkable, using Seth Godin's (who also spoke at IHRSA 2009) "Purple Cow" example. If you did not get a chance to read this article, it is available online at So today, I will not focus on the seminar portion of the event, but instead, the functional training exhibition that took place prior to the start of the second day.

NFBAThroughout his presentation, one of Plummer's main points was that we train our members in the worst way possible. Namely, we give them a quick introduction to a field of equipment, and then, leave them on their own to deliver to themselves the results they are looking for. Later, prior to quitting their membership, they just end up training in a circle, whether it be on a short, indoor track or a stationary piece of equipment going nowhere with little haste. Instead, he makes the argument that offering dynamic workouts that truly produce results will be worth it to the member, and not only will they pay more money for them because they work and produce results, they will remain members longer and will bring in friends. Though obviously not applicable to every member, this is a win-win-win...

For the workout exhibition, the 60 or so attendees present for the 7AM workout were taken through a dynamic warm-up by Bill Parisi, Founder of Parisi Speed School. They were then divided into three training groups, and I followed one group through the 45-minute, 3-station circuit:

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