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Pristine MediaIn today's connected society, consumers are using the web more and more to research potential purchases, from coffee to cars and dry cleaning to hotel stays. Originally, this was only prevalent among physical goods, which had directly comparable prices; however, the evolution of the Internet has empowered consumers more than anyone previously thought possible or businesses would like, and consumers are now using this power to shop for services as effectively as physical goods.

It is the new reality of business, and those who have embraced it head-on are seeing great success over competitors who have not. So, what does this have to do with the health and fitness club industry? Heading into the future, everything...

Because consumers are more informed now than at any other time in history, a simple ad in the local newspaper is not going to bring potential customers into your brick and mortar establishment like it once would. This is not to say print is dead; it never will be, but the Internet has changed the dynamics of offering a desirable value proposition to a potential customer.

Today, your club's presence on the web is as important as its physicality. If it is not consistent with your brand and does not effectively convey your club's atmosphere, communicate your club's mission and values and give the potential member a pretty good idea of what to expect if and when they choose to come in to your establishment, you are simply missing out on a growing portion of the market...

Remember, it is not the privilege of a potential member to come into your facility, it is your privilege for them to visit and potentially do business with you, so you must show them that you care and hope to earn their business. Much like keeping a facility clean is showing care in a physical sense, ensuring an excellent web experience is that care in the virtual sense, and it is much less expensive!

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