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Rookie Brands Take a PR Cue From Established Fitness Brands

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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

All PR is good PR. Maybe. Any PR is a start. Even the cookie cutter approach of submitting a press release to a wire service and waiting for it to generate pickup can have some benefit. Smart startups need to be more proactive than that.

You shouldn't rely on a press release to generate buzz in the fitness industry's competitive landscape where "me-too" products are being introduced daily. Here are a few PR strategies often neglected by early stage fitness companies:

  • Communicate with the trades - Reaching for the stars is great. Try to get on the Today show, it will do your workout good. In the meantime, trade publications like Club Insider are respected and read by the buyers making decisions at the retail level. Stay top of mind by staying in the trades. Read them to know what your competitors are circulating and what retailers are trying to achieve.
  • Leverage industry conferences for press - 90% of the work that goes into a trade show should happen before you set foot on the show floor; it's a year-round effort. Media relations needs to be a focal point for trade show success.
  • Start reaching out to local media before national - Most trends start on the coasts, West or East, and then spread across the U.S. Start by owning your own backyard. You can soon take a brand from local obscurity into mainstream consciousness.

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