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David von Storch

An Entrepreneur Building the VIDA Fitness Brand!

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Being an entrepreneur is challenging, exciting, frustrating, fulfilling and FUN. Actually, a hundred other words could help describe what being an entrepreneur is like, and that is why anyone who is an entrepreneur has selected that path for their life's journey. As an entrepreneur, almost anything can happen from day to day. Adapting to change is the name of the game, and even then, business survival is not always certain because there are so many factors at play.

One early life lesson my father taught me was to keep my head on a "360-degree swivel." He explained the importance of knowing what is in front of me, behind me and beside me at all times. Through time, this has carried me forward with few major stumbles. As a running back in football, it kept me safe from linebacker blindsides when running the ball or protecting my quarterback. In new cities I had never explored, it kept me safe from potential threats I might not have known about. And, in business, it helps keep me aware of the innumerable factors that come into play as a business owner and manager. In business school, the awareness of these factors was quantified using models such as Porter's Five Forces, PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Five Diamond; however, the end result of these analytical tools was essentially the same: Be aware of your internal and external environments, and adapt to change with an unbreakable spirit. Yes, this is easy to say but hard to do, and one will never do it perfectly.

If you were to build an entrepreneur from the ground up who exemplifies this simple, yet immensely difficult ideal, David von Storch would fit the bill. Combining a superior business education with great business instinct and acumen, not to mention a passion for the business sectors in which he is involved, David von Storch has built a track record of success. However, each business victory has not enticed him to become comfortable and sit on the benefits of that success. Instead, each has served as a springboard to propel him further. Using the knowledge gained from each previous business and adapting to change across multiple decades and businesses, David has now embarked on the concept of VIDA Fitness. With each new location, adaptation of the original VIDA Fitness model to fit the characteristics of the marketplace has propelled the brand to growth and further evolution. This month, Club Insider is pleased to present an interview with David von Storch, in which he explains how VIDA Fitness came to be, what the brand is about and where it is going. We invite you to read on.

An Interview With David von Storch

Club Insider (C.I.) - David, please tell us about yourself. Where were you born, and where did you grow up?
David von Storch (DS) - I was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, outside of Scranton.

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