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Marketing to Physicians

Five (Affordable) Tips for Success

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Dr. Cary WingDr. Cary Wing

Have you been thinking lately that your health club has spent considerable time and energy developing a solid medical fitness platform but the physician referrals have yet to materialize? Where are these referrals and the potential new members? What do you need to do to connect your health club with physicians in your community? How do you get your foot in the physician's door? Physicians will prescribe exercise. You just need to provide a pathway and appropriate tools to do so.

The good news is that your health club does not need to spend its entire marketing budget reaching out to physicians, and it shouldn't. There are inexpensive and effective tools available that will get the job done. But first, let's review the benefits of a physician referral partnership and why you developed the medical fitness platform in the first place. Remembering these benefits will assist you in your marketing efforts. A physician referral program should:

  • Provide physicians with a specific intervention to prescribe to patients;
  • Enhance the credibility of your health club and develop relationships;
  • Grow and expand your membership base;
  • Create an engaging, non-threatening pathway for new and uncertain exercisers.

Physician referrals connect patients, potential clients and members, with health clubs and fitness professionals in the community. Physicians want to refer their de-conditioned or at-risk patients to you as a pathway for the patient to implement an exercise prescription. Physicians will write referrals once they have firsthand knowledge of the standard of care and support a patient receives in your health club.

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