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Attracting Outdoor Enthusiasts Indoors

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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

Soon, outdoor enthusiasts will be looking for a warm place to blow off steam and stay in shape. Chilly weather can heat up profits in the fitness community. Here are a few ways you can capture the attention of an audience that is about to head indoors:

  • Doctor's Orders - Extreme sports call for extreme weather, but unfortunately, not everyone can handle the extreme conditions. There are doctors who are encouraging their patients to stay in shape and be healthy by keeping their workouts indoors. Incorporating a doctor referral program into your business can extend your reach to new customers. This requires seeking doctors who are aligned with your philosophy and building trust with them so they can confidently refer their patients to you. Start by engaging with like-minded doctors through face-to-face meetings and allow them to experience your services in order to build a relationship that garners genuine feedback.
  • Buddy System - Recreational racers are often very social and active in their communities. If you can sign on one, it is likely you will be able to sign on the rest of their network. Encourage your local runners, cyclists, swimmers and hikers to invite their friends.
  • Earn It - Outdoor types are competitive. They like to surpass themselves. Give them a challenge in the form of a rewards program, and they are likely to take you up on it.
  • Business Partners - What other businesses in the area are looking to attract outdoor customers? Think beyond the local sporting goods shop. Get in touch with neighboring businesses such as restaurants that cater to healthy eaters, health food stores, apparel stores and spas. Then, develop cross-promotions that hit the outdoor customer where they live, relax and shop.

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