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Achieving a Gold Medal in Customer Service

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Melissa Knowles, VP of Gym HQ, a ClubReady CompanyMelissa Knowles, VP of Gym HQ, a ClubReady Company

With the Olympic Games fast approaching, our attention will soon turn toward watching the world's best athletes compete. Those who are the best-of-the-best will walk away with gold medals. It's truly impressive to watch a performance at such an elite level. So much time and preparation has gone into just a few moments of competition. We respect the effort and marvel at the results.

But, shouldn't we be striving for the same level of performance in our businesses? Don't our members deserve such a diligent effort and commitment to excellence? As you consider your commitment to providing an exceptional member experience, here are five factors to consider.

Five Factors to Consider in Order to Provide Exception Member Experiences:

1. Have a plan. Think through how you deal with the business' most common issues. While we don't ever want to be in the habit of merely quoting policy to a member, we do need the framework of policy to serve as a guide for decision-making. It creates an environment of consistency, and consistency is easier to scale and replicate, thus enabling our business to grow. We should also carefully consider each policy to ensure it makes sense for our specific business model and isn't simply the fitness industry norm.

2. Clearly worded membership and service agreements. While we know that most states mandate specific language and guidelines for fitness contracts, we're not required to word our entire agreement in foggy legalese. Why not simplify the terms; strip down the superfluous text and make it easier for our members to understand? If we're asking a member to jump through a series of hoops to manage their relationship with us, we should at least clearly lay out those hoops.

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