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Summer, The Real Busy Season

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Deneen LapradeDeneen Laprade

When used wisely, summer is a powerful set-up for the rest of the year and beyond. Now is the time to work on your business, which is in direct contrast to the rest of the year when all you have time for are daily operations that keep you busy open to close, every day.

Summer is when you have time to evaluate your year-to-date performance, prioritize what can be improved and put a plan in place. Essentially, you are taking 8 - 10 weeks out of 52 to move your business forward by a few degrees. When the weather turns cooler and member usage increases, you will have a refreshed member experience to share!

Internal Strategies are very important now for two reasons. First, member retention efforts should be prioritized. Show your appreciation for your members' loyalty by building small thank-you tactics into your daily operations.

Examples include free guest days, giving away water and towels in spin/yoga classes, smoothie samples after class, outdoor classes, fitness challenges tied into club usage over the summer months and a member cookout or picnic.

The second reason your attention should lean internally is to use this time to soft-launch new programs and introduce new staff members. It's an opportunity to start small and smooth out the rough edges so that, by the time summer wraps up and your daily obligations once again take up most of your time, you are a well-oiled machine. It also gives members a glimpse of the fresh new fitness routines they can expect in the coming months.

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