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Spotting, Sparking and Capitalizing On Fitness Trends

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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

While big corporations have big marketing budgets, innovative, smaller companies often have news. Media rely on cutting-edge companies to find out what the trends are in the industry. While having a brand and remaining consistent with it is of paramount importance for a fitness center, it's important to either be starting trends or capitalizing on them.

So, how can you determine the best direction to take your business and what the latest fitness customs are that will bring you profits? Here are some examples of how changing lifestyle are dictating customs in fitness:

  • Time Sensitivities: People say they don't have time to work out, so workouts are getting shorter and more intense.
  • Yoga Crossover: Yoga has become so mainstream and popular it's being incorporated into other types of workouts.
  • Injuries: The more people train, the more likely they are to get injured making "recovery" one of the biggest categories in fitness.
  • Personalization: People want to do what is right for their body type. They want the full attention of a trainer, even in a group. The increase in boutique fitness is catering to this desire.
  • Accountability: More and more people are tracking their fitness goals. Workouts need to show results digitally.

The popularity of fitness is so widespread, "fit" has become an "it" word that is being marketed as an add-on to non-fitness related items to increase their perceived value.

While fitness is always a hot topic, in order to remain trendy, you need to reinvent yourself once in a while. Like Miley Cyrus, fitness centers have to stay new to capture consumer attention. They also need to put a high value on branding. Fitness brands can have an image and followers like fashion items, food or electronics. So, are you setting trends or following them?

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