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Leverage Q3 For A Strong Q4

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Deneen LapradeDeneen Laprade

The third quarter, when used wisely, can be a powerful setup for fourth quarter successes. Take advantage of the summer season and its unique set of characteristics, such as low and/or inconsistent member usage, to leverage your brand to achieve Top of Mind status with prospects. It's a matter of using this time to increase brand awareness that generate leads in the fall. Additional aspects of your business to address are planning and strategizing.

Brand Awareness is achieved by blanketing your market with your brand in as many marketing vehicles as you can afford to execute. Budget friendly suggestions are:

  • Guerrilla Marketing is the act of deploying somewhat non-traditional marketing tactics, such as flyer distribution, face-to-face meetings with local businesses and community event participation. It is extremely useful at this time of year. They tend to be lower cost to execute and in exchange, require more effort on your part. Guerrilla Marketing strategies are also a means to work on your business. By establishing mutually beneficial relationships within your community, you're putting a "face" to your brand that can positively impact your bottom line in the future.
  • Social Media posts have the potential to go viral and are often free. They're easy to produce and execute, as well. Consistent postings are the key to success in this realm. Keep prospects engaged and wanting more from you.
  • Prospect E-blasts are an incredibly cost-effective means of getting your brand in front of prospects you may not have reached via other means. Well-crafted subject lines with clean and compelling creative with a sizzling offer will make all the difference. Inserting a lead capture mechanism is a must.

The marketing vehicles mentioned above should be employed year-round as part of an annual marketing plan. They just happen to be very useful during a time of year when average membership and program sales are down and budgets are a little tighter.

Internal Strategies are very important in Q3 for two reasons. First, member retention efforts should be first and foremost on the minds of your staff. Now is the time to show your appreciation for your members' loyalty by building small thank-you tactics into your daily operations. Examples include free guest days, random water and towel in spin/yoga classes, smoothie samples after class, outdoor classes, fitness challenges tied into club usage over the summer months and a member cookout or picnic.

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