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Nancy TrentNancy Trent

Amazon has become the primary online shopping destination in the United States. It's impacting every industry, including fitness. Unlike most businesses, Amazon is not concerned with turning an immediate profit. They are consistent, persistent and obsessive about pricing. Amazon has nothing to lose, which means most fitness brands have much to lose on it. However, if you are not selling your brand on Amazon, someone is, and they are making a profit that could be in your pocket.

It's more important than ever to learn how to navigate your business in the Amazon jungle. This jungle is a place where hundreds of millions of customers shop each month to find more selection across more brands than any brick and mortar store can possibly carry.

"Whether you make money or not, Amazon does," warned Buy Box Experts partner, James Thomson, former Head of Amazon Services. "It's like opening a brick and mortar store in the middle of a cornfield."

Being on Amazon is all about making money, and you're going to have to throw out all your old notions of how to run your business and build a brand if you want to compete. Amazon knows all. They know which products customers are searching for. They know what they buy, who the customers are, how many they buy and at what price they buy it. Amazon doesn't sell what people don't want.

Developing a distinct brand is a necessity. Making people want it; that's the magic. We live in an experiential society. People expect to be able to Google their way to knowledge.

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