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Michael GelfgotMichael Gefgot

We all know that a profitable personal training department is the linchpin to long-term success of your business. And, we all know how critical it is to our business to help members stay motivated and see results. I believe we all recognize that, without a booming personal training business, it's going to be really tough to compete in this highly competitive market. If we are all on the same page with the above statements, then why is it that our personal training department is reactive VS proactive?

Most personal trainers are waiting for the membership department to do their job before trainers do their job. I am not talking about the gym doing some online marketing to generate personal training leads. I am talking about all the part-time and full-time trainers... what are they doing on top of what their company is doing to generate personal training clients? In this hyper-competitive market, if your personal training department isn't working just as hard as your membership department, you are going to cease to exist like the dinosaurs did a long time ago. Let's talk...

Up until 2015, every trainer in my organization was reactive to what happens at the front door. That all had to change when the market became a lot more competitive and we realized that our business was highly leveraged with memberships. Even though only 60% of our revenue came from memberships, we took a ton of hits when other membership-based facilities moved in and offered their facility at a cheaper rate. We had to think differently. We had to de-leverage our business and make it more resistant and resilient in the market. We generated $440,000 in revenue as a result of the following three programs. Here is what we did:

Program #1: We converted our entire business from 30-minute, one-on-one personal training sessions to small and large group personal training. We always knew that the fitness business was two different industries all wrapped up into one: entertainment and hospitality. When it came to making decisions for our personal training business, we asked ourselves these questions:

  • Will this (whatever it may be) help bring our clients together?
  • Will this help our clients feel more included?
  • Will this help our clients be more entertained?
  • Will this help our clients see better outcomes?
  • Will this enhance our ability to deliver better sessions?

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