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What Has Your Website Done For You Lately?

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Deneen LapradeDeneen Laprade

Websites are high-functioning, integrated marketing tools that should be working for you 24/7. I believe all the marketing you do for your club or studio, whether in print or digital, should begin and end with your website. The main objectives of your website are to capture prospect contact information and drive traffic to your physical location. Achieving maximum lead generation requires that specific elements be in place to inform, inspire, capture contact data and compel prospects to want to know more.

What has your site done for your business lately? Have you captured information from your visitors? Are your blogs, schedules and videos being shared on social media? Is your website easily viewed on mobile devices? Can you readily and easily make content changes to keep your website fresh and current? Is your hosting service reliable?

I met with our web design team to get useful answers to these vital questions. Lori Vilneff, Lead Web Designer, and Tracey Bourdon, Marketing Manager for Susan K. Bailey Marketing and Design gave me the following information based on their experience and knowledge of best practices.

We'll tackle each of the above six questions, one at a time.

1. What has your website done for your business lately? Both Lori and Tracey are in full agreement. Your home page is your chance to make a great first impression. Statistically speaking, it is the most viewed page of your website. A few musts:

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