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A New Key Ingredient for a Club To Be Successful

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Bruce CarterBruce Carter

Having at one time worked for a national chain, the magic word was "sales."

"The health club business is a sales business" was the overriding mantra to the point that they would even bring in hypnotists in the morning to hypnotize us to sell more.

Talk to a personal trainer and the formula is clear. Great equipment and trainers are what a club needs to succeed. Yet, talk to a finance person and strong financial administration makes all the difference. Others might say location is the most important key.

Obviously, all play a role. Yet, as the health club industry evolves continually with growing competition, another aspect is now more important than ever for a club to succeed. This is the interior design and décor of a club. The environment of a club --the visual environment that creates the emotional experience people have when they are in the club-- has become as important as any other aspect for a club to achieve maximum success.

A décor creates an experience; boring and bland or beautiful and exciting. This is immediately noticeable by the vast majority of people entering a club for the first time or members who want to keep coming and retain their membership. Remember, most people hate exercise and need all the help they can get to motivate them to become and then stay a member.

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