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Spring: The Real Season of Opportunity

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Deneen LapradeDeneen Laprade

Spring is coming, and regardless of warmer weather or not, this season truly embodies the essence of starting fresh. From your point of view, as the owner or operator of a fitness business, spring sometimes feels like the beginning of the end of that concept, especially as it relates to new member sales. Take a step back, and in the spirit of spring, take a fresh look at the opportunities this season represents to your members, prospects, and ultimately, your business.

This time of year, our minds drift toward returning to outdoor activities and shaking the cobwebs off of the sports and hobbies retired for the winter. Summer brides have been planning for months, and the countdown finally begins! Did I mention the bride's mother? And, how about her wedding party? Spring is the ideal time to score big with weight loss programs and fitness challenges. New Year's resolutions are motivating for sure, but if you want to go for hardcore inspiration, think shorts, tank tops and bathing suits! There's nothing like that to get those fence sitters to say, "Game on!"

The difference between spring marketing and first of the year marketing is that, in the spring, your campaigns should be targeted, strategically timed and distinct. Early in the year, your marketing calls on "Everyone" to start a fitness routine. Your marketing message may have fallen on deaf ears, as many adults believe that their sport or hobby is their fitness routine. But, you know better.

Spring is when you need to call these folks out by name. Develop a campaign that markets to them directly, as in: "Golfers! Improve Your Game, Increase Drive Distance, Reduce Recovery Time..." When you call him out by name and show him you can improve his game, he can't turn you down! Follow this theme with additional sports and activities that are popular in your community to create brand awareness amongst local athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Weight loss themed programs are what's hot in spring! Once again, speak to your obvious prospects: "Bride To Be Fit Training!" or "Wedding Party Challenge!" Use energetic and enthusiastic program names, calls to action and imagery. This might include a bridal party gift from the happy couple to their friends! The general population is seeking to get in shape before summer hits, too. So, call on "Beach Bums," "Teachers In Spring Training" and the like. You will turn heads and generate sales with this approach.

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