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Are We Asking The Right Question?

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Bill McBrideBill McBride

I read an interesting article on Zite last week from Business Insider that highlighted Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' advice for anyone running a business. The advice was simple yet profound, even brilliant.

Zite is an Internet news aggregation site that allows you to set your topics and have a daily news magazine on your device based on your preferences. The Mobile App allows you to read more content in a shorter amount of time than would ever be possible through single source media. And, the content is relevant to your interests.

Jeff Bezos' comments centered on how often we hear the question, "What will be different in ten years?" We spend a lot of time on this crystal ball trend hypothesizing. It caught my attention because I spend a lot of time thinking about trends and predictive analytics. He asserts that a more important question should be, "What will be the same?" In relation to the health club industry, it got me thinking about what might remain the same for health club consumers. It led me to: What won't change?

His recommendation, once you have identified what you think will still be true, is to focus on those areas.

"When you have something that you know is true, even over the long term, you can afford to put a lot of energy into it," Bezos says. Read more at

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