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Let's Roll The Tape

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Michael GelfgotMichael Gelfgot

"Let's roll the tape" is what my wrestling coach would tell us at the end of every wrestling practice. The entire wrestling team would sit around a TV, and we would all watch a few wrestling matches from the previous weekend. The goal was to find one thing that a wrestler did well during the match and one thing that the wrestler could improve on during this week's practice. Once that was discovered, then at least 20% of the time during practice, the focus would be on that one thing that wasn't done so well. The impact this approach had on our skill set as wrestlers was massive.

Most of us don't have a very good sense of awareness of our daily patterns, routines that we all go through day to day. When it comes to selling, what is an approach one can use to drastically improve his sales game and become aware of what he is doing right and what he needs to improve on? In sports, it's watching film with your coach or teammates, reviewing the tape and dissecting your game so you can improve. Most salespeople think that, because we are going into January, there are plenty of prospects, and we can "afford" to miss a few sales. This sort of mentality will get you in trouble because, essentially, what you might be saying is, "I tolerate missing people because we have so many people to sit down with." In other words, it's okay for me as a salesperson to miss people I shouldn't miss. It's not naive to believe that the majority of the people you sit down with should buy from you.

Let's take a look at a few strategies that all salespeople should adopt to drastically improve their ability to influence prospects to buy:

Strategy #1 | Have a Sales Process - This might sound very obvious, but do you have a step-by-step sales process? A sales process is like an assembly line. When something breaks down, you should be able to troubleshoot and figure out exactly where the breakdown in the line was and fix it. When role-playing sales, certain parts of the process should be role-played in order to make it effective. Selling Fitness and Selling Personal Training by Casey Conrad are excellent resources to adopt or improve any fitness sales process.

Strategy #2 | Do You Have it in Print/Video - By "it," I mean your sales process. If you have a sales process, do you have it written down/recorded with scripts to teach others how to do it? If all you ever did was record your sales process in print and video and brainwashed your salespeople, their skills would drastically improve. Side Note: sales, influence and persuasion are nothing more than skills anyone can improve in as long as they practice them.

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