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Erik Charles RussellErik Charles Russell

I have two teenage daughters, Kylie and Kiera, ages 15 and 17. When they were little, I used to have to take them on my weekly grocery shopping trips. I was a single father, and leaving them at home at ages 2 and 4 years old, however tempting, just wasn't the right thing to do.

For them, knowing that they were going to the grocery store brought out so much excitement and anticipation. For me, knowing that I was taking them to the grocery store brought out so much anxiety and stress.

Every week, upon entering the store, all of the eye level goodies, pretty packages and displays had them mesmerized. This was nothing like the plain, locked cabinets they saw all day at the house and couldn't open.

As I went down aisle after aisle, it felt like I was accompanied by two octopuses. Their tentacles grabbing any box, jar or bag they could reach. My shopping trips with them involved putting more things back on the shelf than it did putting things in my cart.

Eventually, they would learn that they needed to ask me before they just grabbed something and put it in the cart. Then, I could simply reply, "No" and end it there. Easy, peasy.

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