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Retention Starts With Brand Loyalty

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Mario Bravomalo, Founder of VFPMario Bravomalo, Founder of VFP

Over the last 30 years, the industry retention rates have remained relatively the same, and many of the factors related to retention will never change. People worldwide have consistently shown that there are periods in their lives where exercise has less importance... times of illness, moving, job changes, birth of children, career, etc. Now, there's a small percentage of individuals who, if the planet was going to be destroyed by a meteor in the next 24 hours, would still schedule a quick workout. But, for the majority of people, they will begin a period of on and off exercise for the majority of their life. Knowing that our members will come and go at different times in their lives, it's important that we build brand loyalty. When that time in their life comes, and they are ready to start exercising again, we need to become their go-to brand.

Strategies That Drive Brand Loyalty: Personalized Content, Personalized Greeting and Personalized Workouts

Personalized Content:

Delivering personalized content and experiences is one way to make each and every customer feel special, and it's a great competitive differentiator, too. According to Virtual Incentives, brands that personalize their customer experience are perceived as smart, unique and caring by the majority of consumers. Plus, over half of millennial customers rank personalization as a high priority. It's easy to see why more and more brands are focusing on delivering it.

So, how do you promote brand loyalty through personalization?

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