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Jeff Russo's Pro Fitness Program Celebrates 20 Years of Vastly Increasing Personal Training Revenues!

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  • The Russo Family (L to R) - Stacy, Sydney, Jeff and Connor
  • Jeff Russo and the Penfield Fitness Team in Rochester, New York

First, I want to congratulate Jeff Russo on the 20th Anniversary of his Pro Fitness Program Company! They have a lot to celebrate at their special business! So, congratulations to Jeff and his wife, Stacy, on the 20th Anniversary of the Pro Fitness Program!

In the June 2012 Edition of Club Insider, our Cover Story was about The River Valley Club (RVC) in Lebanon, New Hampshire. RVC Owner, Joe Asch, shared information about Jeff Russo and his Pro Fitness Program, an operation that truly ignited Personal Training Sales at the RVC with the leadership of Jennifer Poljacik, RVC Chief Operating Officer and Director of Personal Training, leading the way. The club went from $69,000 a year in 1-to-1 Personal Training Sales in 1999 to their current $2.2 million a year as a result of ongoing consulting support and training.

Within that story, I wrote the following comment about the very significant impact Jeff Russo's company had on PT at the RVC: "In addition to Joe Asch and Jennifer Poljack (COO), Jeff Russo is a professional club consultant who specializes in personal training sales and service delivery with his Pro Fitness Program. He has made a huge and positive impact on the RVC operation."

We're pleased to provide the following Club Insider Cover Story with Jeff Russo, and it will include the history and evolution of the Pro Fitness Program.

An In-Depth Interview With Jeff Russo, Pro Fitness Program Founder and Owner

Jeff Russo Presenting a PFP WorkshopJeff Russo Presenting a PFP Workshop

Club Insider (C.I.) - Jeff, where were you born, and where did you grow up? Where did you go to school, and what did you study? Did you play sports?
Jeff Russo (JR) - I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and that's where I grew up... on the West end of the city. I went to Michael Power St. Joseph High School in Toronto. From there, I went to the University of Toronto, and I did a 4-year Honors degree in Political Science. Soon after I graduated from that program, I got accepted into law school in our nation's capitol at the University of Ottawa. But, in between the University of Toronto and law school at the University of Ottawa, I did a couple of entrepreneurial ventures and really got hooked on operating my own business after getting my first exposure being an entrepreneur. I started at the University of Ottawa for my law school program, but part way through my initial year, I decided to make a move and leave the program. From that point forward, I got involved in the industry I was most passionate about from the time I was a youth, the health and fitness industry.

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