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Lessons From the Field of Amenity Management

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During my time studying the art of management at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, one of my favorite thought exercises was to be assigned two companies that seemingly had nothing to do with each other and use one to develop ideas that could help the other. At first sight, we are blinded by the traditional product or service a company might offer. This is tunnel vision, and the remedy is to develop a wider view. Like zooming out on the microscopic cells of the human body or the stars of the cosmos, a much bigger picture is revealed. From there, connections once unseen can be made.

Over the past 50 years, the health and fitness club industry has evolved immensely. However, that evolution has not occurred in a vacuum. The world around our industry has evolved, as well. This has spawned further change in our industry, and so forth and so on. Today, the health and fitness club industry has become a mix of many disciplines, and to that end, to learn and further develop ourselves, we cannot just look within for the next great idea.

This month's cover story hopes to assist in providing a snapshot of that wider view. Jeremy Brutus and Amy Blitz are previous veterans of the health and fitness club industry. Today, their company is URBN Playground, and it is a young and innovative one in the amenity management space for residential and corporate developments. Once not even on the radar because the differences were so vast, today, the applicability of lessons from within the amenity management space are becoming more apparent.

To lead you through what some of those are and what some of them could be in the future, I welcome you to read on as we interview Jeremy Brutus and Amy Blitz, Co-Founders of URBN Playground.

An Interview With Jeremy Brutus and Amy Blitz, Co-Founders of URBN Playground

Club Insider (C.I.) - Where are you both from, and where did you grow up?
Jeremy Brutus (JB) - I grew up in New York City and am a lifelong resident.

Amy Blitz (AB) - I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New Jersey.

C.I. - Where and what did you both study?
JB - I went to Queens College and studied Political Science/Law.

AB - I went to Trenton State College, now called The College of New Jersey, and I studied Communications.

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